23rd of May 2020, 10.00 – 17.00

An event especially addressed to psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists – independent of their basic training

The event is under review for accreditation by the Psychologists Collegium and the Collegium of Medics in Romania

With all the hundreds of models and interventions practitioners use and the vast range of disorders they treat, attachment science offers therapists a coherent framework for understanding clients’ problems and leading them home to balance, agency, and connection with others.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), epitomizes attachment-based intervention and can be used across modalities—not just in a couples’ therapy context.

The creator herself of this approach, dr. Susan Johnson arrives in Romania, invited by the Association of Emotionally Focused Psychotherapy for Couples and Families, in order to lead us through the secrets of this paradigm offering specific interventions for various challenges.   

In this presentation, we’ll explore how these principles can be applied in individual and dyadic/ couple sessions to ultimately transform both the self and system of relationships.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Use attachment theory and science as a road map for individual and dyadic change
  • Grasp how to assemble and deepen emotional engagement in sessions
  • Choreograph core emotional dramas to build “Expansion of Self” and “Hold Me Tight” change events.

During this first event, together with our partner, Editura Trei – Publishing House, we shall launch the Romanian translation of the latest book published by dr. Johnson, The attachment theory in practice, a volume that shortly after being published in February 2019 has generated valuable reaction from the international psychotherapy community.



24th of May 2020, 10.00- 14.00

An event that is addressed to the general public

This workshop presents the mechanisms through which adult neural circuits can be rewritten if a secure emotional connection is created by corrective emotional experiences that take place in a ‘safe heaven” environment. 

Dr. Susan Johnson comes to Romania, invited by the Association of Emotionally Focused Psychotherapy for Couples and Families, in order to lead us through the secrets of a paradigm that offers IMPROVEMENTS:

  • physical health, in particular the immune system and the health of our hearts;
  • psychological resilience – we shall be less vulnerable in case of depression or anxiety;
  • relationships – we will be more open to our life partner, to members of the family, friends and close colleagues, etc
  • parenthood – we become better parents, teaching the children a positive method for emotional regulation and interconnection;
  • path to read some undesirable behaviors of children by using the visible and invisible emotions lens and thus managing to reduce the frequency;
  • to become more powerful, self – trustful and free;
  • ways to accept inerrant separations with less sufferance.